updated hours

Just like most of our local business friends, we are too experiencing a very busy summer season. Though we are very grateful (especially after the last year), the volume of phone calls, walk ins, and overall appointments has been quite overwhelming to our team. Most of all, to our management and owners. Without knowing if we will continue to see this exponential growth, it is so essential that we are doing what we can now to help support our team, managers, owners, to ensure they are receiving much needed time with friends and family. Beginning in September, our Petoskey location will be closed on Mondays. This will allow our team to have 2 consecutive days off in a row – all of them. In addition, it will allow us to be able to bring back in house education on Mondays as soon as we can bring our educators back. We appreciate all your support. It is a great problem to be so busy, but also not a sustainable one.