Welcome to the Lakeside Spa & Salon Team!

We are so happy to have you join our team! We know being on a remote island can be exciting and also challenging. That’s why we want to make sure you are fully prepared before you get here. Though we are certain you will have lots of questions, starting here is a great way to prepare for the adventure you are about to take! 

As a seasonal property on Mackinac Island, Mission Point is home to hundreds of employees from all around the world each year. You will be interacting with these individuals during your work day! How Fun! We will be open to the public starting Friday, April 26th – Saturday, October 26th, and move in dates for those of you living on the island start the week of April 22nd and move out is by November 1st. 

Be on the lookout for an email from Intuit/Quickbooks for your payroll information. You will notice it says the company is Vogue LLC, which is our sister company. Feel free to navigate this site to learn more about Vogue. In the meantime, please click on the links below where applicable. 

Benefits of working at Lakeside Spa & Salon

Please keep in mind, the ferry will not wait for you, so you will need to be aware of the schedule (it changes throughout the season) and plan accordingly. You can anticipate it taking about 10 minutes to park. 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided all season long in the Employee Dining Room (ERC). Meals typically consist of 1-2 proteins, 2-3 sides, a salad bar, fresh fruit, coffee and soft drinks
  • 15% off all restaurants on Mission Point Property, including Round Island Bar and Grill, Chianti, Boxwood Coffee Shop, Bistro on the Greens, and Straight UP Coffee Shop 
  • Friends and Family Rate for select dates during the 2024 season for family members and friends to come visit
  • Closing Party for all team members at Lakeside Spa and Salon and Mission Point held on the last Sunday that Mission Point is open at Round Island Bar and Grill
  • 40% off discount on services at Lakeside Spa and Salon during select dates, or 20% off services during peak days
  • Discounts on Aveda Products for personal use
  • Complimentary Ferry Pass (daily or seasonal depending on your availability) for the full season ($750 value)

Mackinac Island Post Office:

If you intend to have a bank account on the island or planning on having items shipped, you will need to open a post office box at the Post Office. Post boxes can be shared among friends, but all the names must be registered for a small fee. Please note that you are not allowed to have personal mail or packages shipped to Mission Point Resort or Lakeside Spa and Salon’s physical address or PO Box. Neither companies are responsible for lost mail or packages. 


There are 2 small banks on the island that you can assist you with opening a savings or a checking account. However, you will be paid with direct deposit bi weekly, so you will not need to cash a paycheck from Lakeside. 

Central Savings Bank: 21 Hoban Street

First National Bank of St Ignace: 7399 Market St

These banks do offer ATM and check cashing for a small fee. 

Employee Housing: 

This is reserved through Mission Point Resort, and is dormitory-style with community bathrooms, showers, and hang out areas. It is important to keep in mind that our housing is designed to encourage employees to communicate, share cultures, and experience Mackinac Island life. The total housing costs are $125/week and includes 3 meals a day, all utility bills, and wifi. This cost is deducted and itemized from your bi-weekly paycheck. A coin operated laundry facility is located in the building. 

What to Pack for your Stay:

  •  Pictures from Home
  • Comforter or Heavy Blanket (for fall or colder nights)
  • Pillow (one is supplied but you will want your own)
  • Rain coat, rain pants, rain boots and an umbrella
  • Warm clothing (for spring and late fall)
  • Quarters (for the laundry machines)
  • Money (enough to cover additional expenses for your first few weeks)
  • Toiletries
  • Alarm clock with battery back up (in case power goes out)
  • Bike AND bike lock
  • Chargers for your ipad, cell phone, or computers
  • Headphones or airpods (to help observe quiet hours)
  • Slippers/Sandals to use in the common housing areas
Included with your Housing will be sheets, a small dresser, a pillow, lamp and a light blanket and a microwave in the communal area to share. 
Quorum Common Area

To get your personal items from the ferry TO your room on the island, you will need to call and schedule a dray (horse with a trailer) a day in advance. There is a small fee. Service Company 906-847-3713